Factors affecting technology commercialization in Iranian knowledge based pharmaceutical companies


Background: Looking at the performance of the Iranian knowledge based pharmaceutical companies in recent years shows that, despite extensive capabilities in technological development, many companies involved in technology commercialization have been unsuccessful. Studies show that many components have played role in success or failure of technology commercialization in such companies. This study attempts to identify, and measure the impact of factors affecting technology commercialization in knowledge based pharmaceutical companies, and provides recommendations and considerations for active managers in this field.Methods: In this survey, questionnaires were distributed among 10 knowledge based pharmaceutical companies with 19 commercial products. The data were collected, and analyzed to rank the factors based onimportance. Results: Support of senior management, organizational and operational characteristics, extraction of new product concepts, forming risk-taking team and project management, have the greatest impact on technology commercialization in these companies. Conclusions: Based on the study results, adequate attention to these elements by the managers of knowledge based companies can lead to success in technology commercialization actions in knowledge based pharmaceutical companies.

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